Creating conversations that change perspectives

As leaders in our field, we believe that sharing our knowledge about effective engagement is our responsibility. Ultimately, we all do what we do to help patients receive the best treatment possible. Together, by educating physicians and patients effectively, we are able to move medicine forward.

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Enhance Visual Communications for Better HCP Engagement

Discover why visual formats drive better conceptual understanding than text alone. This blog post offers several tips to help you create highly effective visual communications that amplify your message.

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Branding Scientific Identities to Shape Conversations in Medicine

Learn how to harness our Sci-dentity process to define a new niche within the medical discourse, engage HCPs with easy-to-understand frameworks, and accelerate the uptake of complex new ideas and products.

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Actionable Analytics Plans That Reveal Educational Campaign Impacts

Learn how well-defined analytics programs uncover real-world behavior and attitude changes as we work to consistently connect with HCPs in an era of information overload.

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Downloadable Checklist: Essentials for Effectively Educating HCPs

Can you do more to efficiently reach and engage HCPs? Our downloadable checklist offers practical tips to creating a more effective educational ecosystem.

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PM360 Article: Build an Educational Ecosystem Using Omnichannel Delivery

To provide the information HCPs find most valuable, take an omnichannel “surround-sound” educational approach to provide value to your audience.

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Breaking Through the Noise to Reach Your Audience

How can pharma break through the noise online and reach physicians with messages that they will retain? This blog post offers insights on audience targeting, messaging, and delivery.

Digital collaboration around the world

How Can Pharma More Effectively Engage Healthcare Professionals in Virtual Events and Advisory Boards?

As new ways to engage physicians and other audiences through virtual events emerge, learn how to ensure that your digital collaborations are productive and effective.

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White Paper: Every Interaction Matters: Promotional Medical Education That Influences and Inspires Action

Pharma companies are missing valuable opportunities with healthcare professionals. Our white paper details how education can effectively engage, influence, and spark lasting behavioral change in your audience.

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Article: Maximize the Impact of Promotional Medical Education

We shared our recommendations for 5 key actions that can maximize the impact of Promo MedEd initiatives with the Pharma Marketing Network.

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PM360 Article: Where Do Physicians Really Go Online—and How Can You Reach Them?

Understanding where your audience goes online and how they consume content is critical. Our article in PM360 explains how you can reach HCPs more effectively.

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Future Pharma Webinar: Mapping Change From Education Campaigns

This on-demand webinar recording reveals how to design educational ecosystems and measure the impacts of those campaigns on HCP attitudes and clinical behavior.

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