Integrated healthcare marketing services that shift behavior

Promotion principles are applied to medical education. Adult learning principles are applied to promotion. The result: innovative solutions that help physicians help their patients.

Insights and strategy chart the course

Tell your brand’s narrative in the most compelling way, to your target audience through the best channels, and at the right time. Our strategists mine insights and uncover strategic opportunities. Our scientists and creatives apply medical expertise, creative storytelling, and behavioral science to craft and deliver memorable content to drive behavior change. We weave monitoring and measurement methods throughout each initiative to demonstrate impact.

Strategy cycle from insights, through medical platforms, behavioral science and storytelling through education to behavior change.

Insights & strategy

  • Market assessment and competitive analysis
  • Positioning and messaging research
  • Strategic planning
  • Social listening

Behavioral science

  • Adult learning
  • Heuristics
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Mnemonics

Medical education

  • Key opinion leader cultivation and management
  • Advisory boards
  • Speaker bureau content
  • Product theaters
  • Medical conference activities
  • Nonpersonal education and customer relationship management

Disease state education

  • Communications and content strategy
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Website development
  • Tools and applications
  • Medical conferences and events

Advertising & promotion

  • Creative development
  • Website design and implementation
  • Print and digital selling tools
  • Convention panels and booth designs
  • Nonpersonal promotion
  • Media planning and buying
  • Social media marketing

Measuring behavior change

  • Promotional response modeling
  • Digital analytics
  • Pulse surveys
  • Campaign optimization

Reshaping engagement through custom solutions

We combine our creative skill set, technical knowledge, and business expertise to develop custom solutions that solve complex client challenges. Among those innovative solutions are:

MedThink Connect logo

MedThink Connect™ is a secure, online collaboration portal that provides a direct line of communication to key medical experts, at their convenience, no matter where they are.

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MedThink Insight™ uses eye-tracking algorithms to mimic a viewer’s visual attention. Through design expertise and scientific principles of perception and cognition, we optimize poster, slide, or website designs so the audience sees what the presenter/author intended.

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