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Every Interaction Matters: Promotional Medical Education That Influences and Inspires Action

Pharma companies are missing valuable opportunities with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Did you know that 80% of the content provided by pharmaceutical companies is not what HCPs want? In an era of increasing specialty medicines, decreasing rep access, and physician overload, maximizing your limited interactions with providers is vital.

Performance-Driven Medical Education™ (PDME) is an integrated approach designed to elevate brand value by focusing on education first and then harmonizing medical education and promotional communications. Enhanced by technology, PDME unites science, storytelling, and behavioral science to influence the behaviors of HCPs and amplify the power of your brand.

PDME is an education-first idea that begins with a credible, scientific platform supported by clinical trials and peer-reviewed publications. This white paper covers the 5 attributes that enhance and maximize Promo MedEd programs through the PDME approach:

  • Audience segmentation to shift attitudes more effectively
  • Compelling content development that leverages adult learning principles
  • Effective delivery to HCPs who are less accessible than ever
  • Reinforcement to improve recall over time
  • Measuring programs more effectively to demonstrate clear clinical impacts

Physicians want education. PDME is an innovative way to engage, influence, and spark lasting behavioral change in your audience.

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