Launch Rescue

Launch Rescue

Going beyond the call plan to win new scripts

The product:

Injectable product used to treat opioid-induced constipation

The challenge:

Accelerate uptake for this underperforming launch brand, managed by another agency of record, and redefine success for this highly effective product

The Data+Soul® approach:

  • We discovered that the sales organization was structured to call only on specialists (gastroenterologists), who were dependent on referrals and thus infrequently treated the indicated condition. The result was that an entire group of potential high-volume prescribers, such as generalists and internists, was being overlooked
  • We strategized how to reach and message to these prescribers using non-personal promotion, including developing content strategy, establishing appropriate frequency of messaging, and identifying consistent calls-to-action and goals
  • We created a 3-tiered promotional campaign targeting an expanded audience of 30,000 high-decile opioid-prescribing physicians (IM FP, pain specialists, orthopedics). We used non-personal promotion to convince them to initiate use of the product, and facilitated ongoing engagement with gamification techniques on a microsite. We measured effectiveness by individual prescriber and found our approach resulted in a significant increase in brand uptake

The promotional channels

We addressed 3 pillars to achieve these results:


  • Rich and static banner ads


  • Emails to target lists
  • Direct mail


  • Interactive, rich web-based educational experience
  • Quiz-style e-detail that leveraged impact of gamification on learning

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