We take a strategic approach to scientific exchange

Our core competencies are built on a scientific communication platform brought to life through science, strategy, and innovation. We create and implement strategies that align with your communication objectives and inform the development of compelling and memorable deliverables.

Our solutions—driven by science, strategy, and innovation—are refined by key performance metrics

The evolution of HCP engagement

Because of the expanding volume of scientific content across numerous platforms and the evolving preferences and learning styles of HCPs globally, gaining the attention of target audiences and effectively communicating the science are increasingly important. As Medical Affairs professionals, we need a well-orchestrated, surround-sound, reinforced medical narrative.

Scientific communication strategy:

We work with your team and external opinion leaders to map a path forward, leveraging insights from multiple sources to identify potential challenges and opportunities.

  • Scientific communication platform and lexicon
  • Communication objectives
  • Landscape and gap analyses
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Congress materials and coverage


Our medical writers can help with development of a holistic publication plan and/or execution of peer-reviewed deliverables for publication in journals and presentation at congresses. Our team has broad experience and continually finds innovative new ways to extend the reach of our data to our audiences.

  • Publication planning, management, and execution
  • Plain-language summaries
  • Publication amplification (social media, third parties)
  • Digital enhancement to extend reach


We ensure our audiences receive the right information, through the right channels, and in the right format to support meaningful education and engagement.

  • Planning and execution
  • Audience channel and format preferences
  • Evidence-based engagement
  • Key performance indicators and metrics

MSL resources:

We have a keen understanding of the internal and external needs for MSL resources and work with your teams to develop engaging, accurate, and user-friendly content across multiple platforms.

  • Slide libraries
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital educational modules
  • MSL training
  • Infographic handouts
  • Interactive bibliographies

Opinion leader engagement:

We provide strategic support and tactical execution for outreach materials that can be used live, virtually, and asynchronously to best suit your needs and those of your opinion leaders.

  • Live and virtual advisory boards (eg, planning, content, on-site support)
  • Insight generation (eg, surveys, asynchronous platforms)
  • Social media planning and execution
  • Opinion leader identification

Medical information:

We have a full range of medical information capabilities, including innovative content development, intuitive websites, and high-value analytics.

  • Standard and nonstandard medical information letters (MILs)
  • Infographic, interactive, or audio-/video-based letters
  • FAQs and briefing documents
  • Websites, including analytics and optimization

Medical education:

We develop an integrated medical communication plan that delivers, inclusive of educational materials, symposia, educational websites with corresponding content strategies, multimedia assets, touchscreen interactive booth panels, and more.

  • Live and virtual events (eg, symposia, webinars)
  • Websites
  • Infographics
  • Animations and videos
  • Patient materials
  • Medical education content and training

What does MedThink SciCom do differently?

  • Our Medical Affairs experts partner closely with our digital experts to develop custom solutions
  • Together, we are at the leading edge, bringing a fresh perspective to your challenges and sharing insights learned along the way
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