We take a strategic approach to scientific exchange

We partner with medical affairs and scientific communication teams to solve a broad range of challenges. Grounded in technology and innovation, we create and implement strategies that align with your communication objectives and inform the development of compelling and memorable deliverables.

Our solutions are driven by insight and refined by performance metrics

Insight Generation
  • Landscape and gap analyses
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Advisory boards
  • Surveys
  • Social listening
  • Audience channel and format preferences
Strategy and Story
  • Vision building
  • Scientific platform
  • Lexicon development
  • Publication planning
  • Medical communication planning
  • Best practices
Data Dissemination
  • Publications
  • Publication management
  • Enhanced content
  • Plain-language summaries
  • MSL resources
  • MSL training
  • DSE/Asset activities (eg, booth materials, websites, symposia)
  • Medical information
  • Tactical
  • Attitudes and beliefs (eg, pulse surveys)
  • Behaviors (eg, lexicon consistency)
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Insight Generation

We work with internal stakeholders and external opinion leaders to understand where you've been and where you want to go—and we glean insights from multiple sources to identify potential challenges and opportunities.

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Strategy and Story

We ensure our audiences receive the right information through the right channels, and in the right format for meaningful education and engagement.

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Data Dissemination

We have Certified Medical Publication Professionals (CMPPs) on staff. Our medical writers have earned PhDs in life sciences and can provide assistance in developing peer-reviewed deliverables.

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We develop a broad range of educational materials, including symposia content with engaging formats, educational websites with multimedia assets, touchscreen interactive booth panels, field-based team presentation apps and training programs, and an array of medical information deliverables.

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We align key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics based on communication objectives so we can monitor and assess the effectiveness of our tactics.

What we believe

Because of the expanding volume of scientific content across numerous platforms, gaining the attention of target audiences and communicating the science to them effectively are increasingly important. Today, people’s average attention span is 8.25 seconds—shorter than that of a goldfish (~9 seconds).

So how do we combat this?

  • We base our work on adult learning principles when developing and delivering content. Our content for educational programs is grounded in the scientific communication platform, and we use behavioral science to understand what motivates audiences
  • We ensure delivery of content where target audiences go for information, and we provide that content in the preferred format to increase the likelihood of it being seen
  • We establish KPIs aligned to communication objectives so we can identify changes in understanding and behavior

Attention Span

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