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Photograph of Ann Overton

Ann Overton

Director, Presentation Services

“The dynamic and creative environment at MedThink SciCom fuels my passion for integrating scientific content with visual communication. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a team of talented and like-minded individuals who share the same goal of making science accessible and exciting for everyone.”

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Photo of Becky Slager

Becky Slager


Strategic Business Unit Lead

“MedThink is a special place to work not only because of our commitment to excellence and delivering high quality work, but because we are never satisfied with the status quo. We are always looking for innovative solutions to meet our client’s challenges and opportunities to be leaders in scientific communications”

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Photo of Brian Falcone

Brian Falcone


Strategic Business Unit Lead

“I was attracted to MedThink SciCom because of its reputation for excellence and its position as a preeminent community of thought leaders in medical communications. Working at MedThink SciCom allows me to partner with some of the best and brightest in our industry to help solve our clients’ challenges, regardless of how unique or ambitious they are.”

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Photograph of Cassie Stox

Cassie Stox

VP, Media Strategy & Audience Insights

“Medical affairs and medical communications have been on a rapid growth trajectory, and MedThink SciCom has been at the forefront, leading and supporting our clients through innovation, strategic guidance, and best practices. It has been exciting for me to have the opportunity to shape the future of this discipline through our client work.”

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Photo of Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence


VP, Group Director of Editorial & Presentation Services

“I am excited to work closely with my colleagues every day. MedThinkers are dedicated to producing high-quality work, and there is a great sense of accomplishment felt from having contributed to materials that routinely receive strongly positive feedback from physicians, clients, and other audiences.”

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Photo of Ken Truman

Ken Truman

VP, Insights & Connections

“From the development of our own proprietary tools, to seeking novel technologies from outside the world of publications or medical affairs, working at MedThink SciCom allows me to keep stretching myself—or maybe it’s just that I get bored easily and need to seek what’s next! Either way, I know I’m in the right place!”

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Photograph of Leslie Rotz

Leslie Rotz


VP, Digital Strategy

“So little about the work we do in partnership with our clients is templated. This means we’re constantly scenario planning, coming up with innovative solutions, and challenging each other intellectually. I can’t imagine a better environment to learn and grow as professionals while also benefiting from the amazing culture the people have built.”

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Photo of Rachel McGregor

Rachel McGregor

Director, Project Management

“My coworkers are not only knowledgeable about the therapeutic areas in which we work, they’re also passionate about them. Additionally, our clients challenge us to be innovative, which forces me to step outside standard thinking. I’ve been with MedThink SciCom a long time and I’m still learning something new every day!”

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Photo of Todd Parker

Todd Parker


SVP, Managing Director

“I was always drawn to the life sciences, and I spent years as a research scientist only to learn that it wasn’t the process of acquiring data that I loved, it was sharing it. So I fell into medical communications. Now I work with an incredible team with a wide range of backgrounds and skills that allow us to continually adapt and grow as our field evolves.”

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