Meet the team

MedThink SciCom consists of individuals with a wide range of professional backgrounds, and it’s this diversity that allows us to break away from conventional wisdom. After all, a unique challenge is best solved with outside-the-box thinking—and that requires a one-of-a-kind team.

Our diverse expertise

  • Account Managers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Digital Strategists
  • Medical Editors
  • Media Planners
  • Medical Writers
  • Presentation Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Scientific Directors
  • Social Media Experts

Our executive team

Photo of Todd Parker

Todd Parker


SVP, Managing Director

“I was always drawn to the life sciences, and I spent years as a research scientist only to learn that it wasn’t the process of acquiring data that I loved; it was sharing it. So, I fell into medical writing. Now, I work with an incredible team with diverse skills that allow us to continually adapt and grow as our field evolves.”

Photo of Steve Palmisano

Steve Palmisano


SVP, General Manager

“I do what I do and work where I work, because we believe ‘what keeps our clients awake at night is what gets us up in the morning.’ Nurturing this raw thinking toward client challenges jump-starts our team dynamic. The result? Creative ideas, services, and processes that surprise people, garner attention, and create a culture of engagement.”

The MedThink SciCom departmental leaders

Photo of Ed Leon

Ed Leon


VP, Client Services

“Like most people, I want to work at a place where I’m challenged and can make a valuable contribution. MedThink SciCom provides that opportunity to me every day! It’s great to know that clients trust us to help with their greatest challenges, and not just the ‘easy’ stuff.”

Photo of Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence


Group Director of Editorial & Presentation Services

“I’m proud to have been with MedThink for over 14 years. The people here are dedicated to producing high-quality work, and there is a great sense of accomplishment felt from having contributed to materials that routinely receive strongly positive feedback from physicians, clients, and other audiences.”

Photo of Ken Truman

Ken Truman

VP, Insights & Connections

“From the development of our own proprietary tools, to seeking novel technologies from outside the world of publications or medical affairs, working at MedThink SciCom allows me to keep stretching myself—or maybe it’s just that I get bored easily and need to seek what’s next! Either way, I know I’m in the right place!”

Photo of Rachel McGregor

Rachel McGregor

Director, Project Management

“My coworkers are not only knowledgeable about the therapeutic areas in which we work, they’re also passionate about them. Additionally, our clients challenge us to be innovative, which forces me to step outside standard thinking. I pretty much learn something new every day!”

Photo of Christy Goudy

Christy Goudy

Talent Acquisition Manager

“I take pride in seeking solutions-oriented, resourceful, and passionate people who want to be part of something special—not just any old agency, but one where innovation and creativity are cool, in a quick-paced, digital- and data-driven medical communications environment.”

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