Media strategy that expands reach + facilitates frequency

Healthcare media strategists, not just planners and buyers

We offer full-service media strategy, media planning, and media optimization. Our team of media strategy professionals have purchased over $300MM in media and understand how to achieve maximum exposure in a cost-effective manner.

Data+Soul® drives the healthcare media-planning process, so you can be sure that every media recommendation has been thoroughly vetted through our proprietary value/impact scoring system (VISS®) and comprehensively reviewed for optimal performance. VISS is a proprietary weighted algorithm that identifies and evaluates the highest impact for the lowest cost to optimize efficiencies and ROI. We also use a plethora of research tools to make sure we're providing maximum value in planning and analysis across all mediums. With this kind of thinking, you’ll find your brand in all the right places at just the right time, every time.

Our commitment to value-add beyond media placement means we can develop ideas or influence media based on insights and strategies gained during the planning process. For example:

  • We were able to modify a journal layout to move the table of contents inside the journal to improve the effectiveness of our client's ad on the cover
  • We ran the first pharma company-sponsored banners based on engagement in MedScape

Our healthcare marketing services include

  • Traditional: TV, radio, out-of-home, print
  • Digital: Banners, mobile, social, search, video, interactive
  • And more: Point of care, conference media, lead generation, experiential, guerilla


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