Colonoscopy For Dummies

Colonoscopy For Dummies

Breaking down barriers
and overcoming obstacles

The product:

Prep product for colonoscopy

The challenge:

To overcome patients' fears about colonoscopy

The Data+Soul® approach:

  • We conducted primary and secondary market research using online surveys to patient support groups to determine the barriers to getting a colonoscopy from both a practical and attitudinal standpoint. Our secondary market research included search engine data, site analytics, and social media
  • We learned that patients had thousands of unanswered questions and unfounded fears about colonoscopies, and there was no authoritative resource to address them
  • We created the first For Dummies book in pharma—a helpful resource that was endorsed by the Colon Cancer Alliance, to address patients’ fears about the procedure, encourage interaction between patients and HCPs, and improve patient outcomes. But we took it well beyond your garden-variety patient education, with the help of a respected key opinion leader in gastroenterology and the popular For Dummies franchise. The result was an engaging, easy-to-understand guidebook that leveraged the credibility of the established For Dummies brand to create a valuable "instant authority" resource for information-starved patients. Analytics proved that this approach produced extraordinary name recognition and brand involvement

The promotional channels

To achieve these results, we utilized both personal and non-personal promotion to drive the target audience to a microsite to download the e-book and register for further information. Our multichannel, “surround-sound” promotional strategy involved:

  • Sales representatives
  • In-office displays
  • Print ads
  • Online banners
  • Social media
  • SEM
  • Third-party email campaign

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