Executive Leadership

Scott founded MedThink on the belief that innovative thinking can transform a market if it is aligned with a deep understanding of customer needs. He is passionate about finding the key insights that drive the big ideas. Scott has more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience, including sales, marketing, and advertising.

Driven by the belief that MedThink exists to help our clients succeed, Scott has built an agency focused on entrepreneurial thinking and innovative solutions.

Scott Goudy
Key insights +
big ideas

Angie uses her extensive experience on both the client and agency sides to develop innovative solutions to clients’ most challenging issues. She has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical industry, medical communications, and promotional agency experience. Prior to her role as Senior Vice President, Angie established the medical communications practice at MedThink.

As the embodiment of "service with a smile," Angie brings her unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge of the industry, as well as her sunny outlook, to every business opportunity.

Angie Miller
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Scientific acumen +
positive energy

Ken has 8 years of experience working in healthcare marketing and brings extensive experience delivering data-driven, multichannel strategies to clients.

In his career, Ken has developed a range of resources, from programmatic bid management platforms to digital signal processing algorithms, and he has in-depth knowledge of media mix modeling, customer segmentation, and customer lifetime value analytics. As our in-house math whiz, Ken dives deep into the data that help clients uncover and leverage opportunities and move marketshare.

Ken Truman
Director, Insights and Connections
Data-driven +

Sean has 18 years of healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device advertising and design experience covering traditional, digital, and experiential promotion. By focusing on the logic behind the creative, Sean is able to pinpoint creative strategies and executions that drive motivation and action.

As Creative Director, Sean's calm demeanor, team orientation, and artistic passion help make him one of the driving creative forces at MedThink.

Sean Frederick
Creative Director
Purposeful +

Donna is a multiple-award-winning creative individual with nearly 30 years of experience in both consumer and healthcare advertising. In addition to her conceptual abilities, Donna has experience leading teams both large and small in capacities ranging from brand stewardship for multimillion-dollar launches to everyday tactical pull-through.

As a Creative Director, she strives for excellence in every aspect of the business and fosters a creative dynamic that helps veterans and novices alike produce outstanding work for every client, every day, in every form of media.

Donna Ambriano
Creative Director
Passion +


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