Executive Leadership

Scott founded MedThink on the belief that innovative thinking can transform a market if it is aligned with a deep understanding of customer needs. He is passionate about finding the key insights that drive the big ideas. Scott has more than 25 years of healthcare industry experience, including sales, marketing, and advertising.

Driven by the belief that MedThink exists to help our clients succeed, Scott has built an agency focused on entrepreneurial thinking and innovative solutions.

Scott Goudy
Key insights +
big ideas

John is an accomplished, tech-savvy marketing strategist with 25+ years of healthcare-only experience. Having been on both the creative and business sides of agency services, he’s able to draw upon diverse disciplines to develop marketing and business solutions for clients. A student of behavioral science, he firmly believes strategy influenced by data, emotion, and choice architecture are essential to drive engagement and behavioral change. John uses this approach to drive brand growth, and has used this approach to launch 30+ brands, including marketing 19 orphan or ultra-orphan drugs.

As Managing Director, John brings his insights and experiences as a former agency founder and CEO to create an environment that grows talent and provides clients with top-tier business and marketing results.

John Kane
Managing Director
Strategically driven +

Angie uses her extensive experience on both the client and agency sides to develop innovative solutions to clients’ most challenging issues. She has more than 25 years of pharmaceutical industry, medical communications, and promotional agency experience. Prior to her role as Senior Vice President, Angie established the medical communications practice at MedThink.

As the embodiment of "service with a smile," Angie brings her unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge of the industry, as well as her sunny outlook, to every business opportunity.

Angie Miller
SVP, Client Partnerships
Scientific acumen +
positive energy

Ken has 8 years of experience working in healthcare marketing and brings extensive experience delivering data-driven, multichannel strategies to clients.

In his career, Ken has developed a range of resources, from programmatic bid management platforms to digital signal processing algorithms, and he has in-depth knowledge of media mix modeling, customer segmentation, and customer lifetime value analytics. As our in-house math whiz, Ken dives deep into the data that help clients uncover and leverage opportunities and move marketshare.

Ken Truman
VP, Insights and Connections
Data-driven +

Cassie has more than 12 years of experience encompassing product launches, hospital rebranding, hospital partnerships, and multiple service-line campaigns. She has also marketed to C-suite, healthcare professional, and consumer audiences. Her legendary media negotiation skills and ability to look beyond typical media strategies have resulted in outstanding results for clients regardless of budget.

As Director, Media Strategy, Cassie brings an unbridled enthusiasm for media planning and buying to every account, and works tirelessly to make sure each recommendation is the very best it can be.

Cassie Stox
Director, Media Strategy
Steely resolve +
expansive vision

Steve has been immersed in all aspects of the healthcare field as a client and an agency person for more than 35 years (including marketing, promotional medical education, sales, and sales training), offering extensive experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas. His scientific insights and innovative mindset have helped solve a myriad of client challenges, resulting in improved efficiencies as well as enhanced marketing effectiveness. Steve has authored multiple industry publications and conference posters, in addition to chairing 3 medical society boards. He is an active member of the Vistage® senior executives and luminaries peer advisory group.

In his General Manager role, Steve provides an uncommon level of strategic insight and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, along with the ability to integrate scientific data with compelling marketing strategies.

Steve Palmisano
SVP, General Manager
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